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FlexiSPY Review Template

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FlexiSPY is a type of hidden monitoring software that you install on a phone or computer that lets you secretly see everything that’s happening on the device. After purchasing and activation, it runs on the phone in the background and captures all the data that the phone sends or receives. It then transmits everything to your online dashboard and from there you can read through everything FlexiSPYs captured – Chats, Emails, SMS, Photos – you name it.

FlexiSPY have been around since 2005 and are the original inventors of the spy app. They are considered to be among the best due to having more than 150 real spying features, many of which you cannot find anywhere else — Call Recording, Ambient Recording, Spycall, RemCam to name just a few.

Moreover, they are also the most affordable, with several subscription options giving you a varying degree of features as well as the ability to upgrade at any time.

Overall, if you want to know what someone is saying on their phone and are looking for the safest bet, don’t have that much money to spend, or you really need advanced features so you can know absolutely everything, then FlexiSPY is the clear buy.

There’s nothing any other spy app can do that FlexiSPY can’t, and FlexiSPY can do many things you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Unique Features. Monitor all audio streams, powerful remote control, app screenshot, and more
  • Dashboard purpose built for at-a-glance insights. Includes unique mobile viewer app that let you see your data on the move
  • The original spy app with over 14 year of experience – used by millions
  • Low entry-cost – Start small and upgrade remotely as needed
  • Best value for money. Most affordable manufacturer in the industry – also most feature packed
  • Great support. 24×7 help desk. Chat with real humans rather than robots
  • FlexiSPY Community – Connect with over 25,000 spy app enthusiasts (and decision makers at FlexiSPY HQ)
  • FlexiSPY customers enjoy a large discount on other spy-related products such as GPS trackers,
  • Military-grade security – optional 2FA, and unlike competitors, FlexiSPY has never had customer data compromised
  • Transparent – no hidden limitations or misleading information about what the product can and can’t do (unlike other manufacturers)


  • Dashboard currently provided in English only. While help files and the website are translated, the online dashboard you use to view your captured data is in English only – making it difficult to use for those who are not native English speakers

What’s covered in this review

This review aims to cover the main concerns someone shopping for a spy app would have. The outline is as follows:

  • Features (What you’re getting)
  • Value
  • Data Security
  • Ease of Installation
  • FlexiSPY VS. The Rest
  • Conclusion


Let’s look at some of FlexiSPY’s amazing features.

As mentioned, FlexiSPY comes in three versions, LITE PREMIUM and EXTREME.

LITE offers an essential set of monitoring features at an unbeatable price. Perfect for those who are on a budget.

A full list of features can be seen below:


PREMIUM has everything most people need from a spy app.

It has 48 features and focuses on monitoring social media, instant messaging and web access, as well as the older communication types like email, and SMS. PREMIUM also allows you to see photos, videos, application usage, GPS locations and much more.

A full list of features can be seen below:

EXTREME – FlexiSPY also sells an advanced version of their product called EXTREME, which includes unique features that no other manufacturer can provide, making it ideal for professional or mission critical situations—these include the ability to record phone calls, VOIP calls (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc), the device surroundings as well as the ability to secretly control the camera and to take videos and photos.

Here are some of the unique features offered in EXTREME

  • Live Call Intercept: Intercept a phone call and listen in on the conversation LIVE
  • Record Phone Calls: Remotely record and listen to all phone calls made or received on their cell phone (Includes calls made over social media like Facebook Messenger)
  • Record Surroundings: Remotely activate the microphone on their phone and hear what’s really going on. You can also record their phone’s surroundings at any time and recordings are auto-matically uploaded to your dashboard. All recordings are uploaded to your FlexiSPY account.
  • RemCam: Remotely activate the camera and take a secret picture to view the phone’s surroundings.

A full list of features can be seen below:


FlexiSPY are the most affordable spy app in the industry. While this has not always been the case, in 2019 they released an entry level product (LITE) that starts at just $29.95, which is cheaper than any competitor and give you more features at that price point.

As mentioned they give you three options to choose from – and you can always start at the lower package and remotely upgrade to the more advanced package at any time if you need the extra capabilities.

  1. LITE (lowest cost – essential features)
  2. PREMIUM (everything most people need from a spy app)
  3. EXTREME (unique features no one else has)

You will find no better value anywhere else.

Data Security

Customers rarely think about data security until hacks happen.

Skipping security makes the price of monitoring apps lower, but there are real consequences to ignoring security.

FlexiSPY has a 100% perfect track record when it comes to its customer’s data being compromised.

Unfortunately, it’s competitors cannot say the same, and it is for this reason that they are often thought of as the most secure


Installing FlexiSPY is straightforward and takes around 10 minutes with the help of the provided installation guide (which varies depending on your device)

However the company also have an optional installation service for $39.99 where a technician will install the software for you remotely so you can be up and running immediately, and it’s well worth the money if you’re interested in getting setup as soon as possible with the least amount of frustration.

Like all other products, FlexiSPY for iPhone will require jailbreaking, while rooting will be necessary to access all the app’s advanced Android features, however if you choose the install service, this is all taken care of for you. If you have any inquiries, their live chat and customer service professionals are available 24/7.

FlexiSPY VS. The Rest

Curious how FlexiSPY stacks up against the rest? See a complete comparison of how FlexiSPY stacks up against competitors here


Starting from just $29.95 a month, FlexiSPY is the most affordable spy app you can buy, and it is also the most powerful with features you can’t get anywhere else.

It is available for Android and iPhone smartphones as well as PC and Mac, making it a fantastic choice for parents who want to monitor the entire family who may also have computers. FlexiSPY also comes with a free Android and iPhone mobile viewer app which lets you view all the captured data and receive important alerts on the move.

Moreover, FlexiSPY’s flexible subscription plans (LITE, PREMIUM, EXTREME) make it the ideal choice for those who may wish to buy the basic version first, and then upgrade when realize when protecting your children or relationship, there is no such thing as too much information.

  • Choose LITE for essential features at the best price.
  • Choose PREMIUM for all around monitoring of mobile activities, while still giving you more features than other companies.
  • Or choose FlexiSPY EXTREME offers comprehensive one-of-a-kind features for professional or demanding customers who want to collect every possible piece of information as well as the ability to remotely control camera, but these come at a price.

Find out more at www.flexispy.com