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Shoot for the stars! With this affiliate program you operate in a secret evergreen niche, selling the premium product in the industry. And the best part? You sell once, you get recurring commission for every renewal! Up to $140 commission per single sale!!

Join FlexiSPY Partners

FlexiSPY is the original developer of spy phone software since 2005. We have the reputation for top quality products and customer support in the industry, as we supply the corporate and government markets as well as consumers. According to the best-selling British newspaper The Sun, "SPY software app FlexiSPY has reported a 300 per cent increase in the market in past year alone" (published in December 2014).

​How does the partnership with our affiliates work? For each referred sale, depending on the partnership level we pay our affiliates from 20% to 40% of the sale total. This is how affiliates can earn thousands  for referring customers to our sales website. And we pay commission to our affiliates for as long as the referred customer is subscribed! Sell once, get paid for many months to follow!

To join FlexiSPY affiliate program, sign-up on Avangate - a huge and successful software-focused affiliate network. You will need to specify one of your websites (a simple blog or a sales page will do). After your approval, generate affiliate links to FlexiSPY and watch your earnings grow.

FlexiSPY provides our affiliates with banners, product boxes, PPC/SEO keywords, discount coupons, free software review copies and quick support.

FlexiSPY affiliate program runs on Avangate - a huge affiliate network focused on software and SaaS offers. Avangate tracks your clicks and pays your commissions, so you can be sure that your statistics and payouts are in reliable hands. Affiliates from all countries are accepted into the program!

High Commissions

FlexiSPY is the most powerful cell phone spy software in the industry. Our price points ensure that our average checkout is higher than $160.
We pay up to 40% commission for affiliates sales. You can reach a $140 commission for a single sale of our top-shelf product! 

Top Quality Software

FlexiSPY is the oldest mobile spy app on the market. It has features that no competitor has, like call interception and recording.
The high quality of our software ensures brand recognition and fantastic conversion rates for your referrals.

Sell Once, Get Paid For Long

Our automatically renewing licenses ensure that affiliates get paid multiple times for each sale. You receive full commission for all renewals - as long as your customer doesn't cancel his subscription. And we make sure to keep our customers happy.

I’ve never heard about FlexiSPY until 2 months ago, but now I’m sold! This niche is simply fantastic. Affiliate marketing for FlexiSPY is my best source of online income. 

Why FlexiSPY is Numero Uno

FlexiSPY monitoring software has popular features that nobody else has:

  • ​Call Interception - Listen to Calls live as they happen
  • Call recording - records any call and lets customer listen at their leisure
  • Spies on 13 different messaging apps - WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, LINE (incl. emojis) and more.
  • Absolutely invisible and impossible to detect

How We Compare

Highster Mobile
Mobile Spy

FlexiSPY unique features let us price our products accordingly and allow our affiliates get high commission from referred sales.
Our dedicated technical support keeps our customers satisfied so that your commissions keep coming!

How You Get Paid

When you start working with us and move to a higher tier, you will earn 40% from sales of our big ticket items. Our best affiliates already earn 5 digit payouts monthly.
Avangate will handle your payouts on the 20th of each month - directly to your bank account, PayPal or Payoneer credit card.

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Our Commission Rates Structure

The more you sell, the more you earn! Our affiliates start with 25% which pays them up to $85 per single sale. After a few sales, you will move to the next tier - 30% commission. Sell 100 licenses a month and move to our VIP tier - where you earn 40% commission!

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Experienced Affiliates

We value experienced affiliate marketers. If you have experience in selling remote monitoring software, or software from other niches - talk to us and we will move you up commission tiers much faster!

Trusted by Top Affiliates:

Contact us at affiliates@flexispy.com and by Skype: flexispy.affil . We love feedback!

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