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By Jerry Taylor

Dec 16

In order to increase your conversion rate and make even more money as a FlexiSPY affiliate it makes sense to make sure you are pointing your customers to the most effective FlexiSPY landing page.  Directing your customers efficiently can mean more sales for you!

You can generate an affiliate link to any of our landing pages, in any language. The way to generate an affiliate link is explained in the affiliate links generation tutorial​.

We have two main types of landing pages: localizations and product pages.​


9 languages

Localizations are translations of our website  from English into another language.  The main FlexiSPY website is available in a total of twelve different languages.

If your customers speak one of our translated languages, you should make sure to refer them to the right localization. The way to create affiliate links to a localized website using a  custom URL is explained in the affiliate links generation tutorial.

Product Landing Pages

Besides our main homepage, we have a few major landing pages.  These landing pages are specific to FlexiSPY products or specific FlexiSPY features.

If your organic or PPC traffic is targeted by these keywords, you can refer your customers directly to the right landing page.  All of these pages are also translated into 12 languages, so you can generate affiliate links to the iPhone tracker page in Spanish, for example.

So, if you wanted to generate an affiliate link to the iPhone tracker page in Spanish you would go to the iPhone tracker page,  replace the /en/ in the URL to /es/ for Spanish.  This gives you the resulting link:  You can now use this URL to create an affiliate link, as described in this tutorial.

Contact us at if you're missing a landing page that you need.

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