Learn The FlexiSPY Affiliate Basics

By Jerry Taylor

Dec 17

Welcome to the FlexiSPY Affiliate program!

To make yourself familiar with our affiliate program, take a look at the following resources:


How do your products compare to the competition?

Why is your commission rate lower than what your competitors pay?

Do you place any restrictions on promoting FlexiSPY?

How to promote FlexiSPY to Spanish/Russian/Turkish/Brazilian/other audience?

Can I try your software for my review or tutorial?

Can I resell your software under a different name or install it for a fee?

Do I need a website to register as your affiliate?

Can I promote FlexiSPY on other websites besides the one in my application?

What are the possible promotion methods for FlexiSPY?

How do I get paid?

Contact us at affiliates@flexispy.com if you have any questions about becoming an affiliate.  To receive our product updates instantly, follow our twitter account.

​FlexiSPY sales are rising - be a part of our success!

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Michael Justin Carr last year

do i have to have a website to be an affiliate or can i promote through other websites

    Yura last year

    You need a website in order to register as an affiliate on Avangate. It can be just a simple free blog on wordpress.com, with a few articles about software.

    Once you’re accepted as an affiliate on the Avangate network, you can generate your affiliate links and use them wherever you want – other websites, social media, PPC ads, emails.

CIcero José last year

Um produto muito bom e de ótima qualidade.

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