Learn How To Create Affiliate Links & Start Selling!

By Jerry Taylor

Dec 16

How To Generate Links

This tutorial will explain the two different ways to create your FlexiSPY affiliate links.

How to generate links for a single website

When logged into PostAffiliatePro using your affiliate account details you can create two kinds of affiliate links.  The first links to the FlexiSPY homepage and the second is a custom URL you can enter to direct your customers to other pages on the FlexiSPY website.  This could be the FlexiSPY Turkish site, for example, if you have Turkish customers.

Once you have logged into PostAffiliatePro you will see the screen below.

From the left-hand column, click Promotion and then click Banners & Links.

From this menu you can start generating your banners.  You will see this menu.

From the above menu you only need to configure the following options:

Channel - As a FlexiSPY affiliate you may want to advertise FlexiSPY on multiple websites that you own.  You can do this by setting up channels.  Each channel you create is for each website.  This allows you to generate banners specifically for each channel (and so each website).  Furthermore, because you set up channels you can easily see which websites are earning your more commission when you view the generated reports in the Report section.  By default, if you have no channels set up, this is set to All.

Target url - This is where your customer will go when they click your banner.  By default, if you click the drop-down arrow you can select http://www.flexispy.com.  If you select this for your banner then your customer will go to the main FlexiSPY website when they click your banner.  You can however enter a custom URL instead.  For example, you could enter the URL of the FlexiSPY Spanish website (http://www.flexispy.com/es) if you deal with Spanish customers.

Click Apply when done to generate your banner.  Once  you have done that, click the Get Banner Code button at the bottom of the page to generate the HTML you need to copy and paste into your website or blog to show your banner.  It will look something like this.

In the image above you can see the HTML code highlighted in red that is used to generate the banner.  All you need to is copy and paste that link into the HTML editor of your website or blog to generate the banner and start selling!

How To Generate Links For Multiple Websites

As a FlexiSPY affiliate we understand that you may have more than one website which you would like use to promote FlexiSPY.  To do that, you must first set up channels within your affiliate portal.  Channels allow you to generate banners for each of your websites and this allows you to easily keep track of which website/banner combination is bringing you the most commission. 

To get started you must first be logged into PostAffiliate Pro.  From the main page, click Promotions and then click Ad Channels.  From there, click Add Channel and you will see the page below.

Channel - Here you type the name of the websites you want to create channels for.  For example. if you have two websites, goodbook.com and goodbooks.com then you would create a channel for each of them and name them accordingly. 

Code - The code is a unique identifier for each channel you type in that gets added to the HTML code for your banner.  This  allows you to keep track of which banner on which site gets which commissions when you view reports in the Reports section.

Click Save Modified Rows when you have finished adding the details of the channel.  You can then click Add Channel again to repeat the process and add any further channels.

Now that you have added each of your channels it should look something like this.

You can see that we have added the channels successfully and each one has a unique code.  Now, if we go to generate banners, using the Promotions > Banner & Links option it looks like this.

You can see that we can now choose either of our channels.  We will go ahead and select one and fill out the rest of the details.  This means it now looks like this.

Click Apply to generate the banner for this channel.  You will notice that the generated banner URL now contains the unique code that we typed in for the goodbooks.com channel as part of the URL.  This is how your sales across different websites are tracked and reported.

All you need to do now is copy and paste the HTML code shown into your website or blog to show the banner and start tracking the commissions for all the channels you have set up.

With the FlexiSPY affiliate program all affiliates can easily be up and running with their own banners in just a few steps.  Good luck!

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Kristi K 10 months ago

I am very interested in becoming an affiliate of flexispy. Is there a link to an example of another affiliates website so that I can see what works? Thank you

    Jerry Taylor 10 months ago

    Hello, you can google for search terms like “flexispy” or “flexispy review” and many of the search results will be affiliate websites.

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