FlexiSPY Affiliate Survey Feedback July 2015


Jul 16
FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Affiliate Survey Feedback July 2015

The recent FlexiSPY affiliate survey results are in. We appreciate the feedback from the affiliates – it has been extraordinarily valuable!

If you haven’t answered the survey and want to give us your feedback, you can do so anytime on our survey page.

Some of our affiliates have suggested certain changes to our product, which are actually already implemented. It is our fault for failure to communicate these features properly, and we will fix it in this post. The following is a list of suggestions from our affiliates.

“I would like FlexiSPY to provide no jailbreak and no root solutions”

FlexiSPY doesn’t have a no jailbreak solution, however the majority of the features will work on a non-rooted phone. You can find out exactly what features will and what won’t work on an unrooted Android phone on our compatibility page.

“I would like FlexiSPY to be easier for the customer! When they have problems, should be someone who will help them very quickly and not to wait too long”

This is a very important issue. At FlexiSPY we currently have a 24/7 live chat on the website, phone chat that deals mainly with new customers and a big support team that helps existing customers. We take all customer frustration very seriously and guarantee a response in under 24 hours to all support tickets.

“I can get more people to sign up if they can pay for FlexiSPY every month instead of every 3 month”

We already offer a monthly license for our Premium product.

“I’d like FlexiSPY to offer a demo and free trial”

Very good suggestion! We are in the process of publishing a demo on our website and plan to incorporate a free trial as well.

“FlexiSPY needs landing pages, straight to the cart, for example, in different languages”

We are working on developing new landing pages all the time and recently we have added a “buy now” landing page. It is translated to all of our 13 languages, and the URLs are given here.

“FlexiSPY needs a keylogger feature”

What FlexiSPY offers is a password grabber, which is sold as a part of the FlexiSPY Extreme package or as a separate product. Password Grabber doesn’t log all keystrokes but only the important ones: passwords to the social networks and such.

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