FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Adds Tinder Monitoring
May 30

FlexiSPY Adds Tinder Monitoring

FlexiSPY News

Tinder has become one of the most popular dating and flirting apps on the market, so it is important for a mobile monitoring app to be able to intercept and reveal Tinder messages.

Recently, we have added this unique ability to our Android software. New versions of FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme for Android now reveal Tinder conversations with all their matches!

Learn more on the official blog and promote this new function to your audience to get more conversions!

FlexiSPY Affiliates April's New Features - Telegram and iOS 9.1 Support
Apr 25

April’s New Features – Telegram and iOS 9.1 Support

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To make sure our affiliates always promote the best product in the niche, we have been adding new capabilities to FlexiSPY products this month.

Telegram monitoring

The most important addition is monitoring Telegram messages. Telegram is a very popular and still growing messaging app with more than 100 million active users, so it’s crucial to be able to track Telegram messages these days. From this month we fully support Telegram message monitoring in both FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme.

iOS 9.1 support

iOS version 9.1 is the latest jailbreakable version and FlexiSPY is the first app on the market to work on iOS devices running 9.1 with the fresh jailbreak. If a customer wants to fully monitor an iOS device that runs iOS 9.1, there is only one app they can use – FlexiSPY. Both FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme now support iOS 9.1

Stay tuned for the updates next month!

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Adds Exclusive Call Recording Features + VoIP!
Feb 09

FlexiSPY Adds Exclusive Call Recording Features + VoIP!

FlexiSPY News

FlexiSPY has added two fantastic new abilities to the product:

Call recording on iOS and VoIP call recording that works with Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. These exclusive abilities set us apart from the competition and make FlexiSPY the top software for affiliates to promote.

Read more:

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Adds Kik Messenger Support
Oct 07

FlexiSPY Adds Kik Messenger Support

FlexiSPY News , FlexiSPY PR

As posted on FlexiSPY blog, we’ve added a Kik messenger support to the already extensive list of our features.

Now FlexiSPY on Android is able to report ALL Kik messages to the user’s private dashboard. As Kik is one of the most popular IM apps in the world, this new addition adds another angle to promote FlexiSPY:

FlexiSPY is the best Kik spy!

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Adds a Live Demo to the Website
Sep 02

FlexiSPY Adds a Live Demo to the Website

FlexiSPY News , FlexiSPY PR

Many potential customers who visit FlexiSPY.com website wish to see how the software actually works. Nobody wants to purchase something which they know very little about. For these customers we have added a live demo to our website.

All website visitors can now click on the demo link and have the chance to connect to a demo user dashboard, in which they can see all the features in action.

Once a visitor connects to the portal using the demo account, they have access to the real user dashboard, i.e. they can see exactly how all FlexiSPY features work and what the user interface is like. The demo is a great tool for showing the customer the rich functionality and usefulness of FlexiSPY products.

Our affiliates will see an improvement in customer conversion and satisfaction, now that our website features a live demo and it will take our mutual sales further.

Visit the FlexiSPY demo.

Subscribe as a FlexiSPY affiliate.

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Affiliate Survey Feedback July 2015
Jul 16

FlexiSPY Affiliate Survey Feedback July 2015


The recent FlexiSPY affiliate survey results are in. We appreciate the feedback from the affiliates – it has been extraordinarily valuable!

If you haven’t answered the survey and want to give us your feedback, you can do so anytime on our survey page.

Some of our affiliates have suggested certain changes to our product, which are actually already implemented. It is our fault for failure to communicate these features properly, and we will fix it in this post. The following is a list of suggestions from our affiliates.

“I would like FlexiSPY to provide no jailbreak and no root solutions”

FlexiSPY doesn’t have a no jailbreak solution, however the majority of the features will work on a non-rooted phone. You can find out exactly what features will and what won’t work on an unrooted Android phone on our compatibility page.

“I would like FlexiSPY to be easier for the customer! When they have problems, should be someone who will help them very quickly and not to wait too long”

This is a very important issue. At FlexiSPY we currently have a 24/7 live chat on the website, phone chat that deals mainly with new customers and a big support team that helps existing customers. We take all customer frustration very seriously and guarantee a response in under 24 hours to all support tickets.

“I can get more people to sign up if they can pay for FlexiSPY every month instead of every 3 month”

We already offer a monthly license for our Premium product.

“I’d like FlexiSPY to offer a demo and free trial”

Very good suggestion! We are in the process of publishing a demo on our website and plan to incorporate a free trial as well.

“FlexiSPY needs landing pages, straight to the cart, for example, in different languages”

We are working on developing new landing pages all the time and recently we have added a “buy now” landing page. It is translated to all of our 13 languages, and the URLs are given here.

“FlexiSPY needs a keylogger feature”

What FlexiSPY offers is a password grabber, which is sold as a part of the FlexiSPY Extreme package or as a separate product. Password Grabber doesn’t log all keystrokes but only the important ones: passwords to the social networks and such.

FlexiSPY Affiliates Affiliate survey
Jul 06

Affiliate survey


We are inviting our affiliates to express their opinion about our affiliate program and contribute suggestions for making it better in the future.

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FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Gets iOS 8.4 support
Jul 03

FlexiSPY Gets iOS 8.4 support

FlexiSPY News , FlexiSPY PR

FlexiSPY is the first monitoring software that supports all the newest iPhone 6/6+ devices!

As always, FlexiSPY is the first to support the newest Apple devices: anything that runs iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 (and of course, all the iOS prior to these).

Currently, FlexiSPY is the only monitoring software on the market to run on ALL iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ devices.

iOS 8 now runs on 84% of all Apple devices – as an affiliate you will make a very nice chunk of cash if you reach those owners of these devices, who are in the market for a remote monitoring solution.

At FlexiSPY we are always committed to deliver the highest quality products to our customers and our affiliates are proud of promoting the best and the most powerful products in our niche.

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Expands Into New Markets – French, Arabic, Korean
May 14

FlexiSPY Expands Into New Markets – French, Arabic, Korean

FlexiSPY News

During 2015, we at FlexiSPY have translated our website to additional three major languages: 

  • French - spoken by 220 million people worldwide
  • Arabic - spoken by 290 people worldwide
  • Korean - spoken by 80 million people worldwide 

This means that the FlexiSPY is now available to a new market of more than 500 million people, in almost 50 countries! This is great for FlexiSPY affiliates who can promote FlexiSPY products to these new huge markets. 

We're already seeing a great response from the customers in South Korea, France, French-speaking countries around the world  and many Arabic-speaking countries​. There is a huge demand for FlexiSPY products around the world, and our affiliated partners are positioned very well to deliver FlexiSPY to new customers!

FlexiSPY has also greatly improved the translation quality for our German and Italian websites, in order to ensure maximum clarity for our customers. Let's raise conversions through the roof!

Now is the best time to earn 5 digit commissions monthly by promoting FlexiSPY!

You can easily create affiliate links to the pages in our new languages and generate excellent income from referring new customers in fresh, untapped markets.

We will help with all inquiries at affiliates@flexispy.com or by Skype: flexispy.affil

FlexiSPY Affiliates FlexiSPY Adds Android Lollipop Support
Mar 06

FlexiSPY Adds Android Lollipop Support

FlexiSPY News

The quality of FlexiSPY’s development has always been a huge benefit for our affiliates.

At FlexiSPY we can develop features that our competitors might find very hard to copy.

We are also first at supporting new operating systems and software versions.

It is so beneficial to our affiliates, because when our product has unique, exclusive capabilities – it makes it much easier to sell it to your customers.

And today there is a new exciting announcement:

FlexiSPY has added support for Android 5.0.1 (code name: Lollipop).

Please use this information to refer more traffic and make even more sales!

Read more at FlexiSPY blog.