April’s New Features – Telegram and iOS 9.1 Support

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Apr 25
FlexiSPY Affiliates April's New Features - Telegram and iOS 9.1 Support

To make sure our affiliates always promote the best product in the niche, we have been adding new capabilities to FlexiSPY products this month.

Telegram monitoring

The most important addition is monitoring Telegram messages. Telegram is a very popular and still growing messaging app with more than 100 million active users, so it’s crucial to be able to track Telegram messages these days. From this month we fully support Telegram message monitoring in both FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme.

iOS 9.1 support

iOS version 9.1 is the latest jailbreakable version and FlexiSPY is the first app on the market to work on iOS devices running 9.1 with the fresh jailbreak. If a customer wants to fully monitor an iOS device that runs iOS 9.1, there is only one app they can use – FlexiSPY. Both FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme now support iOS 9.1

Stay tuned for the updates next month!

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